The Legends Hockey League
Welcome to the first person hockey simulation league!

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Legends Hockey League (LHL)

The Legends Hockey First Official Season Starting Soon!

The Legends Hockey League welcomes you to the one of the first simulation leagues for the game Hockey? We welcome you to sign up for a webs account and join the fun on the forums! Also don't forget to register for Season 1 on the google docs! Interested in being a GM? Then fill out a quick form in the forums! Our team will continue working hard on website improvements, league improvements, and getting an amazing community together as we look forward to opening day! 


LHL Original Six

Chicago Blackhawks: 0-0-0

Detroit Red Wings: 0-0-0

Colorado Avalanche: 0-0-0

New York Rangers: 0-0-0

Toronto Maple Leafs: 0-0-0

Washington Capitals: 0-0-0